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bodhisattvaSomeone who forgoes complete awakening until all beings are saved. A bodhisattva is guided by compassion and offers active help to others
danaA voluntary offering or gift. Dana, understood as generosity, is one of the perfections of a bodhisattva
dharmaThis is an important word with multiple meanings. Sometimes it refers to the teachings of the Buddha; sometimes to universal truth; sometimes to the cosmic law of the universe; sometimes to ethical and moral norms; sometimes to a manifestation of reality
dokusanA private meeting with the teacher
gasshoThe gesture of joining hands before the face (in respect, gratitude, reverence)
jikijitsu(sometimes shortened to jiki) The room monitor and timekeeper at the zendo
jorikiThe strength of the concentrated mind
kensho"seeing one's true nature" an awakening experience (also satori)
kinhinwalking meditation
koanusually a saying or story involving Zen exchanges between Zen masters and students or other Zen masters. Koans are tools to help practitioners cut through conceptual thinking and break through to or deepen another way of understanding
sanghaa community of Zen practitioners
sesshina meditation retreat that lasts for several days
teishoa talk by the teacher, usually related to some aspect of the practice and often focusing on a koan
zabutonthe sitting mat
zafuthe sitting cushion
zazensitting meditation
zazenkaia day-long meditation retreat
zendothe room or space set aside for zazen